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Okay, I've finished it! I was sure it wasn't beatable, but it turned out I wasn't doing something wrong, I was doing the wrong something. Very clever!

I kind of had three phases to my playthroughs.

  1. I just enjoyed being able to solve problems different ways,
  2. I obsessively mapped out decision trees trying to brute force a win
  3. Once I realized such a win was impossible, I just tried to find a new way to approach the story.

The writing is nice, it's a good timeless fantasy bit, like the best early 90s IF.  I especially like the verbosity of the reactions to wrong options. Nothing feels like it was rushed through, everything seems viable when you try it the first time.


Wow, that's awesome, that's basically how I was hoping the experience would play out! :D (Well, hopefully without step 2 getting too painful. :) ) Thanks for commenting, I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it and had a good time figuring it out.