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Thanks for the new build! Here are observations on 0.82. Keep up the good work! I love your game!

  • Dig the +Gold indicator! However my first reaction was to read it as "40" instead of "4(G)" My point is the coin looks like the digit zero
  • The Bats that transform into a Vampire, which immediately drains additional health, and then transforms to a bat is interesting... I will need to play it some more to get you better feedback.
  • It's interesting that naturally-appearing vampires that perform their drain ability transform into bats. Was this intentional?
  • Vampires ready to drain should be more visually obvious - they are easy to miss. Perhaps an effect should emanate from them.
  • Consider increasing coin-bags worth based on floor to make them just as valuable as you gain levels. 10 coins on lower tower levels when your character level is low is nice, but on higher character levels, 10 coins are barely worth it. Do this or increase the rate of their drops per floor for the same net effect. I actually like this second suggestion better because it spreads the gold gain around rather than simply getting lucky and getting a huge amount of gold in one bag.
  • Used fire to clear some Evil Roots leaving some blank spaces. A Jail did not update the floor's clear percentage until I attacked a new group of monsters
  • The Munchers really encourage grouping. I think I like them as they are
  • Fairy evaded while holding a key and took it with her. Your release notes say this should not have happened.
  • I finally understand the Snake's poison/damage on the card. Yes, it may be 1.5 HP, but only at .5 HP at a time. That's not so punishing as I thought it first was. Once poisoned, the player might as well just go after snakes because there is no penalty to being further poisoned once fully poisoned. I don't think this is a suggestion as much as an observation.
  • Fleeing single fairies can be chased indefinitely. Perhaps they should get tired after one or two flees and must rest one or two turns? Maybe they seek out other fairies to be adjacent.
  • Using the Banisher Book yields no coins. That made me sad.

  • The Dragon Sword and the Rapier are used automatically. I would prefer if they can be used like other items instead of the first attack on a floor.

About the dragon sword an rapier, they used to be permanent effect items but were too powerful*. I dont want to make them selectable because I would like to make weapons behave differently than other items. But I'm not quite satisfied with the first strike on each floor system too. I need to find something, if I have no solution I will change them to normal items.

* : At this time the mallet was also a permanent effect weapon which double damage monster with armor.