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It was a bit odd at fist because we wasn't sure what the main objective was (other than just making sushi for ducks) but then realised that's all there really was to it. We had fun playing this! It would be nice to see more (I saw that there was more planned for it); certain orders for the incoming ducks, maybe multiple customers, and maybe even a combo multiplier to get money easier. We made a video of our gameplay if anyone wants to check it out:

Thank you so much for playing and making this glorious video! We were laughing the whole time :)

We came up with the same realization that it's all just about feeding soosh to the ducks. We had a hunch that it's what people would enjoy, and we sent a Twitter poll to confirm. So that's where we are going with the next updates. Making friends with ducks through the love of sushi!

Want an update when the next iteration is ready?

We'd love to check out the next update! This was a fun game, and more intricate workings will definitely make it more interesting, yet keeping it basic will have more appeal in a broader sense. I think having goals would keep attention better, as once you make various different combinations, it's somewhat repetitive. Either way, it was enjoyable and Captain Quacky does enjoy ducks. We're looking forward to playing again! :D