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Pixel Pirates

A member registered Jun 12, 2017

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Man! This game was truly terrifying. As someone mentioned, it gave off a very nice PT vibe, and we can only imagine what this game is like on VR! Very nice graphics and overall feel of the game.

We really enjoyed this game. We didn't really know what to expect, and were rather fond of the sympathy that we acquired upon learning more about the mysterious creature. We even made a video of our playthrough: 

This was a super neat game. We really enjoyed the concept, because we wish we could smack phones out of peoples' hands IRL because they're so distracting. Now we can live out that fantasy. We made a video using keyboard controls, and I just saw that it's controller compatible; we'll definitely have to try it out.

This game is very.. interesting, for lack of a better word. The controls are (as someone stated) a bit wonky when you jump, but I would say that it adds a bit of gameplay if you try to master the art of controlling your character. The music gave it an eery feel to it, somehow. Overall, GravyDog went back later to see if he could get through the level  that he was stuck on.

This was a really fun game. After watching GravyDog play it for the channel, I (Quazky) had to play it for myself after recording. It's very tricky at first but quite fun once you get enough soldiers.

This game... Just... WOW. It was really great, to put it in simple terms. Very unexpected. This game has made our viewers want more scary games, so I suppose the reactions are well enough. It had a very eery feel throughout the time playing it. Here's our video of our playthrough!

Let me tell you, this scared one of us beyond a comfortable level, while the other one was calm and collected. We made a video of us playing it, which is well worth it. We were rolling while editing it. The game was really fun; there was so much suspense leading up to the end.

We had fun playing this game. It was unique and the music was very enjoyable. It would be neat to have more options and perhaps an easier time applying lipstick; however, it was overall fun. We made a video of our experience, too! 

This was a really fun game. I liked the ability to put in comments as to why the animals were accepted or rejected. It honestly wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be to reject animals - luckily there were valid reasons for having to reject them. Overall fun.

This game is.. WOW. Patience truly is a virtue, one of which we don't have late at night recording. We managed to get to black belt level, and am curious as to what happens when you wait the entire time. Here's a video of us goofing off and our reactions, though! 

This was a neat little game. We really enjoyed voicing the characters, as well as the minimalistic colouring. We managed to make a video of us playing, too!

This game reminds us of Call of Duty zombies, but with pigeons! It was super fun to play, but rather challenging. We would always find ourselves waaaay outnumbered after a few waves. This is definitely a fund couch game that's kid-friendly, which is really cool! We made a video of us playing, too: 

This was a really fun game. We tried to get all the way to 50, but failed just a few pieces short. We really like the concept and wish there was a little bit more to the game. The music is also catchy, though blew us through the roof for a moment because of the volume. Very nice, overall. Here's a video that we made of it:

We'd love to check out the next update! This was a fun game, and more intricate workings will definitely make it more interesting, yet keeping it basic will have more appeal in a broader sense. I think having goals would keep attention better, as once you make various different combinations, it's somewhat repetitive. Either way, it was enjoyable and Captain Quacky does enjoy ducks. We're looking forward to playing again! :D

It was a bit odd at fist because we wasn't sure what the main objective was (other than just making sushi for ducks) but then realised that's all there really was to it. We had fun playing this! It would be nice to see more (I saw that there was more planned for it); certain orders for the incoming ducks, maybe multiple customers, and maybe even a combo multiplier to get money easier. We made a video of our gameplay if anyone wants to check it out:

This was a super fun game! We really enjoyed the backgrounds and the ability to create multiple dishes. We didn't go by a recipe, as once we saw what was in the fridge, we immediately knew what we wanted to make. Nevertheless, we made a video to take people through the life of our college selves having to fend for food:

Saw this game and knew immediately that it would be amazingly fun. We weren't disappointed! We'll likely be picking this item up on Steam at some point in time because it was so much fun!

Our first goal with Super Sculptor was to actually create a really cool piece of art; however, once we figured out all the different items, Quazky got a little out of hand with the silliness that could be created. Really enjoyable game and definitely a fun one to play casually to see what can be created! Here's a video of our... masterpiece, yes, we'll call it that!

We had a go with Petty Puny Planet 38, and found that it was super fun! We really liked how different the planet would look after giving people something new to play with. The artwork is super fitting and makes me want to play through more times and see all the different combinations. We also made a video of our playthrough.

This is such a neat and cute game! Wishing there was more variety in the level, and maybe some perks. Overall addicting to play.

Almost every person who sprays pee everywhere goes to Hell; it's decided. A super fun game!

We were a bit confused on what to do at first, but figured it out. Super cute game!

A super tricky game, but also super fun once you get the hang of it!

This was not what I was expecting when GravyDog had me play this! Super cute after you get over the creep factor in the beginning. We even made a video of it!