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I've got good news and bad news for you!

The good news is that Layton will be one of two love interests in the post release DLC, Made Marion: Light and Shadow (the other has not yet been revealed).

The bad news is that you might not like him quite as much about five minutes after the end of the Sherwood demo.

And if it helps, Marion and Geoffrey's marriage would not have gone well if she'd made it to Nottingham on the Sherwood route. They need the events of the Nottingham Route in order to be compatible.

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I have a good intuition about characters I like or not, actually. The way Layton is right now, I shouldn't like him, and yet I am crazily attracted. So I'm assuming it'll be the way he'll evolve or truly is more than the way he is now (or well, what he showed to Marion, rather). I'm 99% certain I'll only love him more in the future haha!

And yeah, I assumed the mariage wouldn't have gone well as it is. As I said, I only wished for such an ending in opposition to the "kidnappers" rather than because I tought it would be good!

But yeah, I'm very happy with the news then! Thank you for being kind enough and revealing it to me!