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Absolutely love the demo, I gave my thoughts pretty in depth at the end of my video. It feels like Far Cry but with so much more heart and soul.

Please feel free to use this to raise awareness for your work, an outside opinion can be a huge help and I have nothing but praise for this.

Thanks a lot for great feedback ! :D We've spent a lot of time making this Demo - we're glad the work payed off :D

For a demo with the appearance of such simplicity, it does a fantastic job of communicating what the player needs to know. The environment does a fantastic job of directing the player into an area right away without outright telling you what to do, the beacons did a wonderful job of showing the player where to go rather than telling them and the health/ammo felt obvious but natural in sense of "there's a bunch of crystals lying around and all I have is a bow... SHOOT IT!" that shows you a mechanic while letting the player discover it. All in a world that felt both minimal but deep and simple but rich. From a mechanical and visual standpoint I was blown away for something with the label of Prototype Demo, I'm really looking forward to what comes of the full project.

We're flattered to hear such positive words. We hope the Crowdfunding will bring enough supporters to allow us to bring even more to the table - we still have a lot to show in the future! :)

Thank you again - it means quite a lot to us, especialy that we're just two guys who love to make their dream game come true. :)