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Thanks for the the bug reports - noted for the future ;D

Cool vid dude! Real pleasure to watch ;D

Thanks for great feedback also! A whole load of features were planned for the full release, but with the crowdfunding not reaching the goal we'll need to wait longer for that ;)

Keep up the great youtubing! ;D

Great feedback, thanks!

And indeed, the full release will be much more lush in activities around the world  ;)

Yup, we forgot to tick Windows in the description. Now  it shows the right info ;D

We're flattered to hear such positive words. We hope the Crowdfunding will bring enough supporters to allow us to bring even more to the table - we still have a lot to show in the future! :)

Thank you again - it means quite a lot to us, especialy that we're just two guys who love to make their dream game come true. :)

Indeed, PC Windows is the primary platform for our developement. ;)

Thanks a lot for great feedback ! :D We've spent a lot of time making this Demo - we're glad the work payed off :D