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(Just a note to start off with: This is Windchimes, the writer of Lads in Distress / Catfish Crew. I'm just using this account for our new VN studio to answer comments because I have added this account as a contributor to LiD project, and it's easier to monitor all our games under both CC and EG from this account alone.)

Hello! Thanks for playing the demo and getting back to us with your feedback so quickly! ^_^

Thank you very much for the compliments and kind words! It particularly means a lot to me that you said the writing has improved. Turns out a year of constant VN writing can do a lot for your writing skill lol. Re-reading old script for NaNoRenO version seriously makes me cringe now, so I'm really happy that players feel that the writing in the new demo is better in comparison!

Haha, yes! I definitely had fun writing Ellis. Poor Charming has probably never been rejected before in her life, so I thought it would be fun when one of the princes don't actually want to marry her. ;)

Thank you! I'm so happy and relieved you like Nicholl's route. His is definitely the route I'm most nervous about, since it's new and so many fans have been waiting for a Nicholl route that I was worried the actual route would disappoint, haha.

Yay! Glad to hear you think Mer's route has improved and didn't disappoint you as a fan of the old route. We definitely put in a lot of work trying to rewrite and improve his route, as I believe many players previously criticized parts of Mer's route. The conversation about body swapping actually was in the NaNoRenO version as well! We just rewrote it to make it flow better and be more natural and, well, more hilarious so that it'd be more memorable. Thank you for the compliments! Really glad to hear you liked the new version of Mer's route.

Again, thank you for playing our new demo and for letting us know your thoughts! It means a lot to us :D Hopefully you'll enjoy the final full version too when the time comes!