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Hello, I’m guessing if you try with admin privileges it would be fixed. Which platform are you trying to play on?


I don’t have a Mac; but I did a 2 minute research and found out that this is a problem with Apple’s Big Sur update not supporting apps made in older versions of Mac (Backrooms is made in an old virtual machine)

It appears that I should update my virtual machine’s MacOS and take my Mac builds with that in future, but for now, can you try this and tell me if it works?

Hmm no it doesn't because the "apply to enclosed items" is greyed out

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I saw this problem for other Mac users, apparently this is an error with a couple of applications beside Backrooms, try this:

1- Open terminal.

2- Enter sudo chmod -R 777

3- Drag and drop Backrooms into terminal.

4- Click enter

5- Enter your password

very weird now it says 

zsh: permission denied: /Applications/


I think we have to wait until Apple fixes this.

Mac version of Backrooms should be still playable on older MacOS versions though.

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Alright, it's okay thanks at least for  trying to help me :3


Sorry again :( You can still try Backrooms for WebGL, Android or other operating systems.


i can solve your problem :0. all you need to do is install the app and it'll give you access to any game. This solved my problems with opening several other games. I hope it helps. if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. I'd certainly walk you through if you need any more help

okay im gonna try


wow it really worked thanks!