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it doesnt if you dont port it into steam. Basically just go to steam and manage local files from there browse and delete the old crab game then rename the mac version to CrabGame and put it there. Then launch it and voice chat will work

you can

well i hear the game just not people

I cant hear anyone????

install crab game in  steam (yeah its windows but still do it) then launch windows version, exit and launch the one you installed from itch, steam will recognize it as the crab game you installed on steam

You have to install crab game (windows version on mac yes) and then launch the one you installed from here and steam will recognize it as crab game and everything will be fine

Dani needs to update the mac version though because its currently at 1.28 and 1.29 is out

Use another Unarchiver like The Unarchiver for example. It worked for me

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SPOILERS!!!!!!!          When the lights went out I just closed the app quick


wow it really worked thanks!

okay im gonna try

оо виндяй и евген я тож смотрел

Can we get a mac version please i love this game

macOS version?????

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Alright, it's okay thanks at least for  trying to help me :3

very weird now it says 

zsh: permission denied: /Applications/

Hmm no it doesn't because the "apply to enclosed items" is greyed out


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Hello, is there any way to fix the problem that it says you don't have permissions to open the game?  It isn't a bug but more like an issue

SOLUTION (by bruh studios): install the app and it'll give you access to any game.