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Oh, my God. These two are such a power couple already! I'm super excited to see more of them! I think I'll adore playing a practical MC with Geoffrey! Iconic duo! 


Ooh, it's fun to see fans of the pragmatic route.  It's kind of the "Marion and Geoffrey vs. the World" option.


That's EXACTLY what I want! Ahhhh! John was my favorite LI before, but after the whole demo I think he takes second place after Lord Geoffrey ♡♡

Its surprisingly rare to have a route like that - practical and pragmatic (but still romance).


Maybe because a lot of us creatives aren't super pragmatic people? To be honest, I'm not either, but I've admired a number of other women who have that quality in my life, and I thought it seemed a very appropriate option for Marion. I've sort of designed her as somebody for whom practicality and heartfelt (some might say impulsive) action are in an internal battle, and several routes let the player decide which one wins out.

You might be right.  But as someone who is a bit pragmatic - I really appreciate the variety you are offering :)