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on what and what are the best decisions,i have youtube,discord,scratch,bandlab,this,and gamejolt

youtube would be a good idea

I'd e.g. offer testplaying/streaming on youtube (when browsing here in the community/forum's "game-feedback" section), if player's would be open for suggestions or getting their released versions tested by other dev's.

discord do have a disboard-page which refers to severs and there are also tags like "gaming", "twitch", etc. about 3 platforms you've mentioned, I didn't heard of them yet. Still maybe even collaborating with users could be fun e.g. offering translations for their game/s, if you could get suggestions/feedback to yours?

i only have 32 subs on youtube yet no community tab 

Does it depend if you would own a high amount of followers or just less while they adore your work and supporting you? :-)

Personally I guess many views for videos sounds cool for statistics, but if fans liking you as person it somehow sounds quite more personal in a positive way? They'd maybe offer to assist them just expecting something great just because of subscribing you as dev/user there?