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Will this  come out on Steam? And will it have controller support?

It might come out on Steam once I improve the graphics and sounds a bit. The process to get on Steam is somewhat heavy and can take months (for a non-US seller). What kind of controllers do you mean? Raildriver might be supported some time in the future.

How about looking into getting it on Humble Bundle store, as I believe they don't take a cut so big? Plus you can support charity (such as heritage railways) in the process! 

The cut here is quite low, so Humble store doesn't have much to offer in that regard. It would probably be more useful to eventually get the game on Steam.

Not sure if you've noticed but Steam changed how you get onto Steam recently - the whole process of using Greenlight and getting votes is dead-and-gone.

Now you just pay them money and you're in - the cost is $100 per game which they refund if you reach $1000 in sale (or equiv on other currencies obv.)

No idea on lead-time as I've not gone through it yet - but I think it's better than the nonsense that was Greenlight

Thanks, yes, I've noticed that and for me as a dev it was certainly a positive change. To be more specific, the harder part seems to be preventing double taxation. Unless you can provide a US TIN, they will withhold an additional 30% of the sales, making it financially unsound. Apparently this isn't specific to Steam but to other app stores as well. From what I've gathered so far, getting a TIN isn't exactly straightforward for a non-resident foreigner. Please share if you have some experience on this!

Correcting myself: a US TIN is not required, a foreign one will do as well.