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Not sure if you've noticed but Steam changed how you get onto Steam recently - the whole process of using Greenlight and getting votes is dead-and-gone.

Now you just pay them money and you're in - the cost is $100 per game which they refund if you reach $1000 in sale (or equiv on other currencies obv.)

No idea on lead-time as I've not gone through it yet - but I think it's better than the nonsense that was Greenlight

Thanks, yes, I've noticed that and for me as a dev it was certainly a positive change. To be more specific, the harder part seems to be preventing double taxation. Unless you can provide a US TIN, they will withhold an additional 30% of the sales, making it financially unsound. Apparently this isn't specific to Steam but to other app stores as well. From what I've gathered so far, getting a TIN isn't exactly straightforward for a non-resident foreigner. Please share if you have some experience on this!

Correcting myself: a US TIN is not required, a foreign one will do as well.