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I loves me a good point and click puzzle adventure, and this one is especially intriguing. Building a Saw-esque theme into things worked really well to me, you kept me really on edge during the whole experience. The journals were really well-written and gave me serious chills and I've already decided who I like and don't like (although I'm probably in the wrong camp haha!)

Keep up the great work on this one, really looking forward to seeing and playing the final product =)


Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for sharing your video!  Which characters do you like and dislike?  All will be developed as the story progresses, of course, so I'm always interested in hearing people's thoughts! :)


I like them all as in their designs, so I purely meant dislike as in I'm suspicious of them haha! In that regard I wouldn't trust Grayson or Louis as far I could throw them =D

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Suspicion of everyone would be very smart at this stage of the game... ;)