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Thank you so much!  I know it's been a while, but I'm still working on more when I find the time. :-)

Apologies, phlebas.  I am in the middle of remastering these games and plan to update the links once I am done--most likely some time early next year for Lifestream!

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Hello all,

I wanted to let you know that my solo indie adventure game, Summit of the Wolf, launches on April 21.

At its core, Summit of the Wolf is a game about trauma and its psychological effect on children. Inspired by true events and written by a medical professional (and fellow survivor), Summit of the Wolf endeavors to shed light on the topic of child abuse by showcasing the emotions that are experienced by a young girl as she makes the transition from victim to survivor. While the game does not shy away from the darkness of the topic, the tone is ultimately positive and, hopefully, both inspiring and empowering.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thank you in advance for your time!


Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for your feedback!  I completely understand your frustration over the ending.  In case you were not already aware, the story is not over yet, by any means.  This is only one chapter in a larger story, and it is one that will be getting its own specific sequel in the future.  All the characters in Shady Brook (Jake included) will be seen again in some form.  Kate, in fact, will be seen in Summit of the Wolf, which is coming out in a few months.  Without giving away any spoilers, let me just say--hold out hope!

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Quick update for all those concerned:  Stonewall Penitentiary has just officially entered beta testing!  I will be announcing the official release date in the coming weeks.  Expect it out some time in late April or early May.  Thanks for your continued patience!  It will be worth the wait, I promise!

Great question!  We are starting beta testing in approximately one week, and we are going to announce the official release date around that time.  Expect a release in early-to-mid March!

Thanks for the kind words!  I just passed the 80% milestone in development and plan to announce the official release date by the end of the month.  The full game features a bunch of new features, including scene transitions, so I plan to also release an updated demo.  Exciting times are ahead!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been in the middle of an unexpected move and have limited internet at the moment. I plan to update everyone in the coming weeks about this project, along with the revised timeframe. Unfortunately, because of the move, the game will likely be delayed until early 2018. The game is definitely still under production, however, and will not be delayed by much time at all. I think it will be worth the wait! Thank you for your question, and I hope that you enjoy the full game upon its release.

Thanks for showcasing the demo!  I hope that you enjoy the full game upon its release!

I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it!  We don't have an exact release date set yet.  We're hoping for the end of the year, but I recently was in the midst of a family emergency that set me back about a month, so we'll see.  Either way, it shouldn't be any later than the start of the coming year.  I plan to post updates soon!

Thanks for the video!  I'll be checking it out first thing tomorrow.  The pacing will definitely accelerate (and quickly) as the game progresses.  I appreciate your feedback and hope that you enjoy the full game upon its release. :)

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Suspicion of everyone would be very smart at this stage of the game... ;)

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for sharing your video!  Which characters do you like and dislike?  All will be developed as the story progresses, of course, so I'm always interested in hearing people's thoughts! :)

We are planning for an estimated length of 10 hours.  That is, of course, subject to change based on average playtimes during beta testing of the full game.  But it will certainly be around that length.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the demo!  Unfortunately, the full game will not be free (we have to make a living!), but it will be reasonably priced and won't break the bank. :)

Thanks for the kind words and feedback.  I'm thrilled to see how much you enjoyed the demo!  I'm working on the full game at this very moment. :)

Thanks for playing and showcasing the demo!  I hope that you enjoy the full game when the time comes.  It gets intense! :)

Thanks, both for your kind words and for making the video!  You definitely covered everything in the video, and this is definitely, as you put it, "a prelude of things to come."  I hope you enjoy the full game upon its release! :D

Thanks for posting, and thanks for taking the time to play/stream the demo!  I'm going to check out your video and listen sincerely to all your feedback. :)

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Thanks for the kind words!  I'm glad you enjoyed the demo! :)

Thanks for playing/streaming the demo!  I hope you enjoy the full game! :D

Thanks for the kind words!  I hope you enjoy the full game as much as you enjoyed the demo! :D