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Sorry to hear you've been dealing with some personal stuff! I hope you're doing better now :3 I have a habit of forgetting about stuff I was previously following the progress of when I get overwhelmed too, haha.

You're not daydreaming :3 It was indeed originally exclusively BL at first. I decided to work on creating both a BL version and an otome version just so that players have the choice of Alyx being male or female. When I play stuff like this, I tend to self-insert, and so I personally wouldn't play the BL version because I wouldn't get as immersed in the story when playing as a male protagonist. The game is mainly about self-acceptance, friendship, and romance, so I feel like it works both ways, and Alyx is the same person deep down, regardless of gender. 

They will be two separate games so that the download size doesn't end up being too huge.  The main difference will be the pronouns used by the characters, yeah + a couple of other little changes here and there. For the most part, though, the story will remain the same between the two versions :3 I'm also hoping to include some R18 scenes (which will be completely optional) but whether or not those are illustrated with CGs and voiced will depend on if the people I'm working with are comfortable creating content like that + if I can actually afford to pay them for their work.

It's great to hear from you by the way! I hope you're managing to stay safe + that 2021 is going well for you so far :3


Yeah, I still have some issues, but overall I'm fine!

And okay, thanks!

It's funny, because I never self-insert! And I prefer games with male protagonist (I'm female too). I like to see myself as a kind of "guardian spirit" to the protagonist of a game, whose aim is to help them in their life.

I also didn't even know SR got finished in the meantime! Gotta play that one!


Well, I'm glad you're doing better now :3 

I think that sounds like a really sweet way of playing :D I might try that myself the next time I go through a VN instead of self-inserting! 

I hope you enjoy SR :3