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Hi there, thank you for your amazing work! These are really good stuff.

However, I've got some problems while hooking up textures. There are about 100 assets in the 3D FBX folder, but I can't find the right texture for part of the items, like the bottlePotionMana or the bed. Am I looking the wrong way or something?

Btw, am I suppose to manually reproduce my materials using the textures for each one of them, or should I do it in other ways? I'm new to this and UE4, please forgive me if asking dumb questions.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Hmm - you do pose an interesting use case. I may have to revisit the folder structure and pack assets based on their textures as most meshes share the props_base_color.png including bottlePotionMana, and bed.

I’m positive that each prop will need a material, and a texture that points to that material. At least that is how Unity works. So yes, there’s a good chance you will need to hook up these items.

Since I have not used Unreal before, I may need to sync up with you if you are up for a quick test, yes?

Can you email me at help(at) to move forward with this request?

Thanks for your reply. That was my first guess. But I checked the TGA folder first when hooking the textures and could not found a shared texture file so I didn't check the PNG folder very carefully, and kind missed the props_base_color.png in it. I opened it now and found it right where it has always been. So, sorry for all the trouble.

I'm learning Unreal online due to the lockdown and school holiday and in no hurry. But most tutorials or videos are quite vague on some of the basic contents, so a little tips or something like that on the  instruction page should be enough helping more inexperienced users like myself figure things out maybe?

Your respond truely helps me, I'm actually learning things. Thank you again.