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A pointer that doesn't really factor in yet, and maybe will be pointed out when it does.

In 0.0.81 I was able (and saw from someone else) that "Shift-click" gave you the Quality mini-game on a still Piping hot Tool head.

You get about 4 chances, give or take, depending on how fast you are, waiting for the perfect chance may cost you a stack of benefits. - Didn't readily notice intelligence factor for it though after figuring out you could do it

Haven't tested in .82 - but the Flyer still says, smack and toss it into the oil - without mentioning the Shift-Click

Additionally, click is /not/ the fire button whilst in the quality mini-game - It's right click- Shift Click (left) to open it, Right to "fire"/close it - miss is 1, red is 10, and green is 30 (or was, in 0.0.81)

Dunno if you plan to update this or not, or how often you do.

There's quite a lot to overhaul in this as of .82

Lids on crates

16hr and 24hr fatigue (dear god those lids on crates )

cave is intensely dark, don't forget to remind them to take their lantern in one of the crates