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DOPE game, reminds me of one last night which is a game with the same concept, I liked the whole shooting at a perspective, I call it "Satellite" aiming lol as weird as it sounds, and sure there is an actual name for it, but I mean was fun to play and I dont think I have had fun playing a shooter in a long time, thank you devs for the experience, and best wishes to a complete version! :D

Thanks Syphongames! I'm glad to hear that. 

I didn't know about this game, I'll take a look. You were right, tha game was inspired by COD's Zombie mode :D I laughed so hard at 3:24 hahahahahaha Currently there is only one way of getting health, but I'm planning to put other ways.

Thank you so much for playing and for making the video! I had fun watching it.