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Great game! Super smooth gameplay, and catchy graphics. 

I'm a big fan of Forward, which is also hard, but much more winnable. I probably win one out of 6 games of Forward. Here, I've played 30 or so and haven't come close to winning yet. I believe this could use a bit more balance, such as:

  • A Medium difficulty (+1 heart) or even an Easy difficulty (+2  hearts)
  • A 20% chance of drawing a card (after a win) that is +2 points above the other cards. Like an epic drop in a looting game. 

Hi there! Love to know you liked Forward, did you have time to check out the Steam page for its upcoming release? You can wishlist if you like it :)

I can win around 1/3 games of forward but have played ten times and the farthest I've gotten is 4 fighters