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the game constantly glitches and  makes you stuck in a corner unable to move, I can't beat the boss because of this, otherwise, amazing game!

you can't purchase the game right now, I don't know what you mean

is this game incredibly difficult or is it just me my highscore is 85% (on apple) and I have around 45% on all the others any tips?

all in the bad tier, i would consider useless except see three of opponents coins

having 100%d the game here Is my ranking of all the cards


+1 to all cards

flip a coin

change to heads

change to tails

destroy an opponents coin

get a coin for the turn


swap coins with opponent

get a extra reflip

if you're one round away from losing get a coin


see three of opponents coins

flip all coins

pay one heads and one tails to see all of opponents cards

the terrain dice needs a MAJOR buff to make  it worth it and grow needs a nerf

in the late game you need to be able to get at least 15 shield per turn using mirror and hollow dice

actually, once you beat it  around ten  times    you can pretty much do the same strategy every time and win 80 percent of the  time

I think this could be done by implementing a weapon that turns you around and then attacks so you could always just swap with the boss or making a boss 2 parts so there was more of a challenge EX: splitting the double attack boss into 2 double attack bosses that are slightly different

you can get (almost) infinite money buy turning one hp into 2 gold and buying a 3 hp potion for 1 gold

the first and 3rd boss are always possible to perfect and I think the final one is as well, the second boss is the only one you can't always perfect I think this needs to be changed as the "final boss" for where it is in the game is way easier than the second boss. I understand it freezing you is bad but I've only had it hit me once.

thanks for the advice

I thought of another idea for a dark spirit that is similar but does 0 damage to the first enemy 1 to the second 2 to the third etc.

the wanderer is the most powerful as they start of with a ranged attack the swirl attack (both good) but mostly because they have twice as much hp

also, why do the ronin and the assasin have half as much hp as the wanderer?

3 item ideas

1. Kabutowari deals 3 damage to the enemy behind you 5 cd

2. spirit deals 1 damage to every enemy in front of you 3 cd

3. hocho flips you around and deals 1 damage 1 cd

the enemies with grappling hooks and swords suck, please make their sword do 1 or something I've died 3 times in a row on floor 10

reply with your favorite class

I bought an upgrade, it gave me the option to reroll, I pressed it and it crashed

it just crashed on floor nine upgrade screen when i was on my best run :C

and also what the weapons do when you are choosing to  buy them

goodbye life hello shogun showdown

wow you somehow beat my record of 292 and I thought IT was high


no, I've gotten it a couple of times

I DIDNT KNOW DUMBBELL  MADE EVERY ITEM DISABLED!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHH I was doing over 80 damage every turn and getting over 40 shield 

the music is better now but it still sounds garage-bandy and unprofessional

what does the shape ability do, anything special or is it just underpowered

I play on computer and it's the same

freaking sticky keys

I just died 3 times in a row as the thief to my carrot lol

ohhhhhh, it was my cookies

I was doing well and not taking any damage as well as dealing around 40 every turn up until magma 1/3, when I was immediately destroyed by poison getting me down to ten hp  as well as getting rid of over half of my items. then I was killed on turn 3 by poison. is there anything that can deflect curses and/or poison?

I'm sorry, I love this game and didn't mean to be salty. I got softlocked via the enemy that requires you to kill it an exact amount twice, and via the jester getting rid of my attack dice once I actually continued playing the next day. once again love this game and no hate to the developers

are you serious I got softlocked again I'm done playing this game until the developer fixes this

the jester sucks no matter what

the randomize event I took right before my boss assuming it would just give my dice effects or something and it got rid of all my attack dice right before the boss this is the second softlock this update, this is annoying

I softlocked myself with the small enemy and no boosters and one golden attack die

I just no hit the boss and it took me to floor 21 lol

pillbug event is way overpowered