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Since I have a laptop, I can't really upgrade my hardware and OpenGL is already the newest avalible version. I'm using wine-devel (2.13) because the current stable version doesn't support DirectX 9.0c (at least on my hardware) and it kinda works. I can't select the screen for fullscreen mode - well I can, but the setting doesn't do anything. The game freezes when I press [Ctrl]+[Alt]. The menu is a bit glitchy which is as far as I know Unity's UI fault. You can see this here.

I won't give any feedback untill I beat it, just that I won't miss anything. (It's more like I want to be missed by the enemies ;-) ("I know my wife still misses me... But her aim is getting better! :-D"... (kill me))

I already have a video for the final boss of the previous build but I didn't upload it yet 'cause I'm not sure whether I should put some bg music although I actually think that I'll make an archive with original feeds. What do you think about that?

Ah, I didn't add much in terms of enemies and bosses - and I had also removed the ending because I want to change the style of the fonts.

You are free to add music and other stuff into the video, since it's your YouTube channel :)

Nah, I think I'll just leave it the original way, I can add music afterwards anyway.

You know, the font isn't actually that bad, once you get used to it, at the point I've been able to beat the pre-alpha, I already had seen enough of it to read the ending flawlessly, so actually I think it's ok if this font is just slowly introduced (which could be done in a linear mode of the game, I'm still a fan of that thought) by using only simple and obvious words like "shoot the enemy" instead of "manage to eliminate the rogue programs". Additionally it would be nice to have some kind of reference somewhere.

Anyway, this thread is pretty full already, so I will open a new one for the new version.

Sure! I think I'll use the original font for flair, much like how we use large ASCII fonts in terminals or readme files.