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Nice to know you still manage to get things done, even if it's slow! Good luck with the project and the things you have to do IRL. 

I wish I could help you somehow, but I too have so many things on my mind right now...

Thanks :3 and yeah it's painfully slow really!

Aww what's up? Is everything alright? It's not fun having a lot on your mind :(

Yeah, well, lots of issues and work hunting, basically. I can only hope I'll find something fast

Hmm, that's not much fun! :( It's hard being under pressure to find work, with any luck you'll get something soon, I'm sure you will :3 

If you live in the UK I know a few places recruiting atm, but even then they might be too far away >.<

Aw, that's nice of you, thank you! But unfortunately I live in France, so yeah, a biiit too far haha