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Thx man! I'm glad someone played my first UE4 game :D 
  • "only some of the weapons will go on the wall shadows" - can you explain? I can't understand what do you mean.
  • "I try and get it perfectly alligned with the shadow but it dosent enter" - 
  • "wind on the flags" - they are there just for shits and giggles :D
  • "being hard to see in corners" - yea, it's a bit dark around there. I didn't make it in time to make it brighter. I had only 48h for that, finished stages at last minutes ;)
  • "the sensitivity of the rotation of the weapons" - you have a little help here xD 

Thx again for playing and writing to me! Textures are from InfinityBlade, they shared assets for free for UnrealEngine users. Did you finished the last stage? With 4 weapons, close to windows? :)


thanks, gj  on ur game. I didn't get to finish but now I sure will try, that is for the tips. My game hopefully will be out before the deadline XD