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I think it must have been my computer, after restarting my computer it worked fine. My input is first off it needs checkpoints or at least one. I feel like I got pretty close to the end then died because I was digging a staircase though a giant block and accidentally popped out the other side.  I think the left click mechanic is a bit too OP seems like it could get you out of about any situation except for the one where there is a bridge that you need to make solid. then when that is the case I feel weary of using the right click ability because idk which of the other 2 colors Im about to turn.  There could be some sort of color queue visual on the gun. like the tip of the gun could be blue then if the next color coming up is red then just below the tip should be red then green. Then as you change colors the colors move up close to the tip and the one at the tip cycles back to the back. I think a cool mechanic to add would be if a color is negative then all the blocks that were carved from that color would become solid. This would create another way for the 2 main mechanics to interact. But even with that mechanic I can't think of any way to make truly engaging puzzles. This idea might be a dead end but I can see why you would want to explore it

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Yep I agree, as it is the concept is pretty limited, just wanted to test an idea. I was thinking about changing the rules so that the active color is the solid one, instead of the two others. This would allow changing color while inside another color. But I never planned to push it further, not worth the time, as you said there arent many puzzles one can think of with this concept.

As for the color cycle, it's RGB (red then green then blue) as in the title :p

Thanks for the input !