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3D First Person Puzzle/Platformer Game
Submitted by XRNZ — 9 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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In RGB, the world is made of colored cubes. You can move through cubes which match your color, and besides movement, you can perform two actions : (1) changing you own color and (2) use your gun to change any cube color.

I designed RGB so that action (1) is linked to a maximum of things in the game : changing you own color will change how you perceive the level and how you will move through it, allowing you to see, move and fall through cubes matching your color. it also changes how you interact with the level using action (2) : your gun shoots projectiles matching your color, and any cube hit will change color to match yours. Finally, changing your own color also changes various visual and audio elements in the game, such as cube visuals, sky color, gun & projectiles color, gun sound and ambient sound.

As a result, each time you right-click to change color, you change most of the game.

In addition, the combination of action (1) and action (2) allows for a complete modification of the level, as the player can change any cube color and decide which color can be moved through.

This simple basis could be expanded by adding colored ennemies, following the same logic (you are immune to ennemies matching your color and they are immune to you), but this will be for another time ^_^

Thanks for reading, feel free to check the gameplay video on the game page. Any feedback appreciated :)


Controls :

Movement : WASD / arrow keys

Jump : spacebar / right ctrl

Left click : shoot projectiles

Right click : switch color (red -> green -> blue)


Third-party resources
Engine : Unity 5.6 (using standard assets : First Person Controller & Post-Processing)
Music generator :
Sound effect generator :

XRNZ (Emmanuel Schmück)

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dang I was really looking forward to playing this game but unfortunately when I loaded it up all my character did was run backward and to the left


Hello !

Which keys did you try ? WASD or ZQSD ? Did you try the arrow keys ?

WASD and arrows should work.

I think it must have been my computer, after restarting my computer it worked fine. My input is first off it needs checkpoints or at least one. I feel like I got pretty close to the end then died because I was digging a staircase though a giant block and accidentally popped out the other side.  I think the left click mechanic is a bit too OP seems like it could get you out of about any situation except for the one where there is a bridge that you need to make solid. then when that is the case I feel weary of using the right click ability because idk which of the other 2 colors Im about to turn.  There could be some sort of color queue visual on the gun. like the tip of the gun could be blue then if the next color coming up is red then just below the tip should be red then green. Then as you change colors the colors move up close to the tip and the one at the tip cycles back to the back. I think a cool mechanic to add would be if a color is negative then all the blocks that were carved from that color would become solid. This would create another way for the 2 main mechanics to interact. But even with that mechanic I can't think of any way to make truly engaging puzzles. This idea might be a dead end but I can see why you would want to explore it

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Yep I agree, as it is the concept is pretty limited, just wanted to test an idea. I was thinking about changing the rules so that the active color is the solid one, instead of the two others. This would allow changing color while inside another color. But I never planned to push it further, not worth the time, as you said there arent many puzzles one can think of with this concept.

As for the color cycle, it's RGB (red then green then blue) as in the title :p

Thanks for the input !