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Well you should absolutely check out Blade of Agony It's one of the most extensive total conversions around and they are just about ready to release the 3rd episode for it. It already has dozens of hours of content and is incredibly well done. Besides that you can find Memoirs of Magic right here on Itch and I also highly recommend most things made by Batandy (Castlevania Simon's Destiny and Golden Souls series, Ashes 2063 and it's expansion Dead Man Walking plus the upcoming sequel Ashes Afterglow (there is a demo which is really good, but it's only a few hours long right now and the full release is just around the corner). There are literally dozens upon dozens of solid TC's out there. I recommend you browse through the ZDoom forums total conversion subforum and see what you find Beyond that there is one other total conversion I HIGHLY recommend, but it's a TC of Duke Nukem 3D called AMC TC. It has so much to it I can't even begin to explain it all here, but definitely check out the Moddb page for it when you have a chance. It's a standalone game so all you should need to do is download, extract and start playing.

A few others I recommend: (Abysm 2) (Ascension) (Inquisitor 3D)

skdursh this is exactly what I was looking for, you are a star!