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skdursh this is exactly what I was looking for, you are a star!

Thanks skdursh, really appreciated. I've tried and enjoyed Brutal Doom and Brutal Wolfenstein, but I'm really interested in mods that present a whole new game, like this one of course, as well as Rise of the Wool Ball, The Adventures of Square, Aliens Trilogy etc. anything that is really different and stretches the Doom engine's capabilities.

It's a lot of work to sort through them all, I've not yet found a good place recommending the best ones

First of all, this is amazing work. Second of all, you just introduced me to the world of Doom mods and I had no idea how amazing they could be! Thank you scumhead!

I have the same problem and would like to know as well, saw it happen with another game, Gnarled Hag.

I can't install this from the desktop app :( might be a problem for other users too. Download and install from browser still works fine.

Thanks for fixing it, I really enjoyed the bridge crossing puzzle and got the crown. I'd play more of this game if it was available, 

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My character fell down the first hole with the sword, when it respawned the sword did not come back and revisiting the old man didn't grant me a new one either. I managed to drop it again and the same thing happened. In browser and the downloaded .exe if that helps.

I lost my sword down a hole and now I'm stuck!

Even after I solved the game, replaying it sends a shiver up my spine whenever the demonic ramblings begin, very well done!