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Very cringe.

Why is a 20ish minute game that looks like this 4GB? Not saying it looks bad, but it's certainly not "high fidelity". There is definitely a lot of wasted space here. It's not just you, but indie devs these days really seem to have no idea what "optimization" is.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't really justify ~750MB of my harddrive and bandwith for a 10 minute experience. This isn't just a "Troxy Studios" issue, but it seems the large majority of indie devs these days have no concept of what file size optimization is. It looks like it could be neat, but I'm certain the size of this could be cut back considerably with a little tweaking. Such a large file for such a short experience really dissuades me from giving this a go. 


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You seem upset. Hit a little too close to home for you, huh?

To all the Youtubers who constantly post their videos endlessly on every even moderately popular game page without once ever adding any sort of insightful commentary or critique:

I wish I could gather all of you up in a room, sit you down and then slowly and very carefully explain to you why it's cringe and why you should stop. Especially the ones that plaster their face-cam in one of the corners and doubly so for the ones who make titlecards where they do some variation of the 😱 face. Stop screaming, stop overacting, stop making stupid faces and most of all stop trying desperately to be funny when you don't actually have anything funny to say.

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Make an option to invert the left/right camera movement from how it currently is and I'll give this a shot, but it's unplayable for me right now. Looks cool at least.

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Yeah, so there is no way for me to know for certain, but what I'm guessing is that the game has hardcoded resolution constraints and 1366x768 isn't viable because it's not a true 16:9 resolution (it's an approximation that comes close to 16:9, but it's more like 16.008:9). Trying changing your resolution to 1280x720 or if your laptop supports it try setting it to 1920x1080 and then try and my guess is it will work.

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What is your resolution set to? That error can sometimes be the result of a rendering scale issue where the game is expecting a certain frame format but the screen is set to another. For instance looking below at your laptop specs it seems like it's a somewhat old laptop, is it running at a non-16:9 resolution or below 1080p?

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Enjoyable little experience. Had a great mood to it. The vehicle physics are absolutely wonk and are in desperate need of some fine tuning. Still good regardless.

...and that's what we in the biz call a "shit sandwich". You say something nice, add your criticism and then cap it all off with another positive comment. 😎

lol, seriously though I enjoyed it.

The trials one must overcome just to enjoy a simple McDouble these days. Smh.

Is "FOSTER-BLAKE" behind the crucifix supposed to be a clue? If it is I can't put it in my notebook. It's kind of hard to tell what is a clue and what isn't.

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Is your computer configured to make sure it always uses the discrete GPU? It could be that your computer isn't using the 1050 and is instead defaulting to using the integrated GPU (the one that typically comes along with the CPU). Right-click on your desktop and check the Nvidia control center. 

If you can't figure out how to unzip a file and click through the folders to find the executable without being handheld through the process I kind of doubt you're yet capable of understanding the computational logic of which this toy is meant to explore.

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I think the issue comes where most people, myself included would expect the "forward" key to be W, not S. Most would assume the S key would reverse the vehicle while the W key would make it go forward, so really all you need to do is reverse the functionality of those two keys and I don't think anyone would have an issue.

MEGA quota is 5GB and the download is only 2.8GB so you shouldn't be hitting the quota unless you had already downloaded something else during the same day that would exceed the 5GB limit when combined.

Cool but the turning is inversed when trying to drive the car. That needs a fix asap.

Why is it a launcher instead of the actual file? Maybe it's just me, but I don't really feel comfortable downloading a launcher that will presumably connect me to another server I know nothing about to download the actual game. If it gets uploaded to itch or gdrive or something properly I'll come back to check it out, but right now I have no idea what data of mine will be scraped and then sent to whom when I connect to the mystery server to retrieve the files.

Oh, oh...... OH! Alright, yeah that was probably the problem. I was trying to use something similar to what I would actually use IRL, but I get my mistake now. Thanks!

Windows 10 with Ungoogled-Chromium. Just read the other comment though that said I needed to actually type "password" though. My mistake because I was trying to use something akin to a legitimate password that I would actually use. My mistake, but that requirement could have been a bit clearer.

Doesn't work for some reason. It loads, I can click "log in" but them am unable to type anything in where it asks for me to submit a password.

I have no idea how to play this.

Good story, but the back-and-forth and pixel hunting got pretty painful by the end of it. I love old-school graphic adventure games, but there are a few things about them that can get left in the past. I think with some retooling this could be great. 

I'd definitely play another game in this universe from your team though.

Looks cool, can't play it because of VR only but will definitely check it out if you release a standard PC version.

ah okay, that's my bad then.  would have been a hilariously abstract control scheme if true though.

x and o for the fire and detach/recall keys? wat? they are on complete opposite sides of the keyboard.

Pretty fun except for the dance part. The inputs are WAAAAAY off from what the actual beat of the music is which makes it sloppy to play.

Their message is deleted now but I remember this person. I looked at their profile before and I remember they were leaving nasty d-bag comments all over the website on like dozens of games, so yeah either they were trolling or are just like the most spiteful, angry and unlikeable person on the internet.

Bro, that's literally you though.

Hi, is this still being worked on? I played the demo for the first time today on Steam and looked to see if the full game was released yet because I was really enjoying it. Hope the project isn't completely dead.

If you can't find it let me know and I'll put it up on anonfiles or something. Just make sure you follow the directions included in the text file because the tools aren't exactly foolproof and can be a bit specific, but what matters is they work.

Ah okay, it isn't just me seeing that then.

How long is the current gameplay right now? 5GB is a hard sell for me unless it actually has some real meat on it.

I can't believe it. He was a shark the whole time.

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Dope game. Some attacks might need some tweaking I think to make what is going on a bit more visually understandable, but I had a lot of fun with it. Especially the background comets or whatever they are can make it very difficult to distinguish between what is a projectile and what isn't. 

Fun, but a bit too easy for anyone who plays bullet hell games regularly.

bro you seem upset. you should relax.

It's because games made with older versions of GMS don't run properly on Win10. There is a fix called "gm8x_fix" for running Gamemaker 8 games properly and another one that I use called "melatonin" that fixes problems with all GMS games in my experience. Not sure how easy it will be for you to find them though as I got them through the "I Wanna Community" Discord.

Norton is basically malware in its own right. Use literally anything else besides Norton.

Looks cool, but VR systems are still way too expensive for my budget. :( I wish you good fortune though.