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Man, it's been over 2 years since the last release from Imposter Syndrome. They were 100% the most interesting new dev here on Itchio for me at the time and they've wholly disappeared. Wonder if they've moved on to bigger projects and an actual company or have stopped game dev entirely.

Cool idea I guess, but I'm not about to go scanning random QR codes, regardless if it's just a game or not. QR codes can contain malicious code and links so without knowing exactly what it will do it just isn't worth it to me, sorry.

Can't find the basement. Seems cool otherwise, but I feel like I've clicked around just about every direction I possibly can see but I'm just not finding it.

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I'm assuming you're probably young and don't know that much about computers yet, but antivirus software isn't 100% accurate. You should learn what a false-positive is and also learn that common-sense Internet usage is usually more effective than antivirus software.

Easily crushed by abusing the stairs and fighting all the enemies with them at a higher incline. Their swings go over your head and you can punch them in the cahones repeatedly until they drop.

What is the difference between "PC" and "Win" versions. Those two usually mean exactly the same thing.

Someone's a big fan of The Silver Case.

Bruh, maybe actually play the game first before saying something irrelevant next time?

Maybe play something else.

Been looking forward to this one. What I've seen doesn't really have much of a traditional "fangame" vibe, but it does have a whole hell of a lot of a "really good game" vibe.

Looks great though I'd prefer it to be downloadable instead of only available in browser.

wasnt that tough. the physics were pretty garbo though compared to iwbtg. second jump always full-jumps and movement is jerky, but still not the worst fangame i've ever played. should add a way to rebind the controls so people dont need to use AHK.

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The camera shake is just way, way, way, way, WAY too much. Unplayable for me as the camera shaking so much gives me a headache. Even while walking it is completely over the top. Not something I would be interested in purchasing unless there is a way to disable or severely limit the camera shake.

"queen faith 89" is notorious for playing games that their computer cant handle. it's always good to optimize, but i personally wouldn't worry about it too much in this particular case.

Do either of the downloads say iOS? No? Well then you have your answer.

Chromebook isn't Windows or Mac, it's ChromeOS, so yeah obviously it won't run it. ChromeOS is a proprietary mangling of Gentoo Linux and basically the only function of a Chromebook is to do basic Internet surfing, they aren't really meant for much else, especially not gaming.

Literally just click "more info" and then run it.

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Which demo is more up to date, this one or the Steam release? I downloaded both and the files don't match up between the two and I'm not sure which one is more current. I'm guessing the Steam one as it looks like the public demo branch's last recorded update was 2 days ago.

Just want to say that I love your work and am very much looking forward to when this eventually releases.

I can't read the paper in the trashcan to get the password and I don't feel like brute-forcing every single 5-letter word in the English language to figure it out. If you make it more readable I might try again some time.

Not working for me. It loads and I get into the intro train carriage and the balloon talks to me but WASD doesn't move the character.

I really loved this. It was a little goofy, but had a really good zen sense to it.

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Awesome. Chainworm Kommando is honestly one of my favorite WADs of all time. It's in my top 10 for sure. Was disappointed when I found out the sequel was cancelled. Good to see you're still creating though.

Which of the two downloads is the most updated one? One of them says "Somnium_Final_Build" but was updated a day before the other one which is called "Somnium_Final". It's really not clear which one is the most up to date. Maybe consider labeling them a bit better.

It's okay, but pretty janky for a modern fangame, though that may be intentional considering the subject matter. Still, maybe consider using one of the primary studio fangame engines next time.

Is this the same person that made Chainworm Kommando for DOOM?

This would be a hell of a lot easier for me if I could rebind the movement to WASD. Guess I'll have to use a AHK script or something.

Neat, but not something I'd really call a "Bullet Hell" game. Bullet Hell is a subgenre of Shmup and the main qualifier that transforms something from Shmup to Bullet Hell is the number of bullets. For this to be a Bullet Hell, it would need a "Hell" of a lot more bullets.

Some screenshots would help.

I could see this as a semi-popular meme-speedrun game.

Very fun. I'd pay for a complete game that expands on this.

spongebob font

Doesn't work for me. Left and right does nothing.

Definitely gonna need an option for WASD for the vast majority of people. Keyboards aren't the same everywhere, but the one of the most common, especially among users of this site is gonna be the standard American QWERTY.

Only getting a black screen with the browser version.

Tried to play but it bugged out within the first few minutes after I first met the priest. I then tried to talk to him again and afterward the cursor stayed permanently red and I was unable to interact with anything else, so I could not pick up the broom or clean the kitchen.

What is your opposition to screenshots?

Fun, but some attacks are completely unavoidable. Either the "note" needs to be able to move faster or some attacks need a tune up. There should never be an attack that is completely impossible to avoid and some of the ones with the lines and the flying books at the same time are just BS.