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"One on One II" seems broken. Enemy doesn't spawn with a weapon and all there is on the level is what looks like maybe a watermelon or mine or something, but nothing happens with it regardless of what you do.

Wait, I figured it out, but why the hell do you have to jump and then teleport it to get the bomb to explode? Why can't we just throw it? The concept was also never taught to the player in previous levels.

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You can't read that well can you?

I hope that clarifies things for you.

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It's been a while now since I tried it, but as I said before I was not able to do absolutely anything outside of read the descriptive text for things. There was no options whatsoever for me to actually use or manipulate anything inside or outside of the inventory. I will try again with a different browser or perhaps with adblock and my personal userscripts disabled to see if it makes any difference later this evening. I don't want you to think I am being completely negative though. I do love the aesthetic of it and what I was able to experience had a great mood, it's just I wasn't able to do anything besides the most basic playthrough.

Nothing at all happens when I click the bait box. It gives me some descriptive text that tells me there is food in there but there is absolutely no option as far as I can see which would allow me to retrieve anything from the chest to place down anywhere.

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I got to the end of the game and it said I hadn't discovered anything, but I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do. Nothing in the inventory combines and there doesn't appear to be any way to use inventory items outside of the inventory. If there are additional controls a mention of it in the description would be helpful. I played through twice and nothing changed. Left the safe area multiple times, examined the water pool multiple times, still no way to combine items and no other items to pick up, no way to use items outside of the inventory, ect. If there is something else to do here or some other way to do it it really is not obvious.

Playing the browser version btw. Also, I want to make it clear that I left the safe area and examined the pool several times inbetween each rest. The only thing that ever changed was the body disappeared and I was never prompted with any way to use any of the items I had in the inventory (which after resting was only the water bottle and the tablet). I tried clicking literally everything several times each and nothing happened. Like, I'm just really trying to make it clear that I did absolutely everything that would have been obvious to do. I've played a lot of adventure games over the years, I'm not new to the genre, I understand how they work, so I'm really trying to make it clear here that something is amiss beyond basic user-error.

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Wow. That's a pretty impressive cope & seethe. Stay incredibly mad. Lmao.

Also, mind my own business? Really? You made a post on the Internet... on a public forum... a public forum with a comment reply section built into it which exists for the express purpose of replying to comments... LMAO STAY MAD BRO.

You really don't think the author already knows that? The game is called RISING UP. I wonder what the opposite of RISING UP might be? Hmm...

I never got an answer so I guess I'll just delete both and never play it. Learn how to properly version your releases.

Not bad. I honestly think it would have been better without the "romance" side plots as horror and romance usually aren't genres that work all that well mashed together unless you're reaaally careful about it. Besides that I saw a few issues with the whole concept, mainly because spores are like, really, really tiny, like way tinier than you probably realize and unless the characters are in a truly air-tight hermetically sealed enviroment that entire city would have been wiped out already, just keeping the doors and windows closed really isn't going to be enough to stop spores from getting in. Finally it's the ending kind leaves the player with blueballs, but I imagine it was probably a quick solution to meet the jam deadline, so I don't hold it against it too much, but overall it was a pretty fun story and I'd be interested in checking out some of your other work.

Awesome! I wasn't expecting anything like that so soon, but thank you for adding it!

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Maybe it's just a personal thing, but for myself at least it's incredibly frustrating to have a really fast lap that feels like I'm about to break a record completely ruined because of a blind corner where as soon as I make the turn "BAM!" another car is there for a head on collision bringing me to a near standstill deleting all momentum and completely ruining the lap. Like I seriously cannot overstate just how often that exact scenario happens. Or how often a car just so happens to block the intersection for a turn juuuust as I get to forcing me to either slow down entirely or crash into them, ect. It would be one thing if there was a degree of determinism to the traffic patterns during the races, so I could at least then plan for it, but it being totally randomized isn't very enjoyable to me personally, at least not for a mode that's all about trying to get the best possible time.

I've only played the game on browser so far. Last time I checked PICO wasn't free to download, but I'm not actually sure if that means I can't play games released for it without owning PICO itself, so I haven't even tried the download version.

Also, I was able to get my Downtown time to 26:09, just short of getting a gold time. I've been able to get silver in every race I've tried so far, but for some reason the gold times always seem to be juuust out of reach.

Edit: As a side note, I've been playing this a bit more today and haven't yet experienced the turning/key press issue that I did before so it's possible it was just an issue with my keyboard, maybe it wasn't plugged in all the way or who knows, but either way it appears to be fine now.

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This is a lot of fun, but holy hell the randomized traffic can be absolutely cancerous in the race mode. I honestly think the race mode would be way more enjoyable if traffic was turned off entirely. The randomized traffic during the races adds too much BS to the equation which ends up making it kind of frustrating.

Also, just would like to confirm if you tested all of the "gold" times to make sure they were realistically possible? A few of them seem like they might be nearly impossible to get unless you get perfect traffic RNG and drive extremely well on top of it. For instance on the "Downtown" track I drove a lap that I thought was pretty dang great where almost no traffic showed up and I didn't make any obvious mistakes or crash into anything and still only got a 27:00 and I'm not sure what else I'd need to do to shave off another second to get below the 26:00 and I was only able to get that 27:00 after doing the track maybe 30 times and finally getting a good lap with almost no traffic.

Other than this uncertainty it is still a lot of fun and has a great feel to it, especially for a "3D" PICO racer. The only other issue I've noticed is that every once in a while for some reason the car will seem to turn way harder to one direction or another than it usually would, like normally if I tap left it will just adjust slightly to the left, but every once in a while I'll tap a direction and the game will read it as if I'm doing a long press and turn HARD in that direction. Doesn't happen often, but I've noticed it happen like once every ten races or so.

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Not too far in yet, but you've got me interested and it's obvious you put a lot of work into making it. Aesthetically, it's really well done. 

My main complaints so far aren't too intense, but I do have a few:

1. If you're going to open a game up with a quote, it better be a damn good one. In the vast majority of cases where a visual work (game/film/ect.) opens with a quote it almost always comes across as tacky and leaves a bad immediate impression, especially if that quote is something you made up yourself (like this one appears to unfortunately be).

2a. Anyone saying "Oh, cool" would have been quite uncommon as it had only very recently entered into the counter-culture slang vernacular and hearing it said by any cop or detective would have been extremely unlikely.

2b. Besides that, saying "oh, cool" in any professional setting by a fresh hire torward any superior, especially upon first meeting them, would have been firmly looked down upon and viewed as disrespectful or give the impression that they were uneducated.

3. Nobody would have said "weird ass" in the 60's. 

Just gave this a go and I just want to say it's a really fun idea and I'm looking forward to the completed project someday. That said, controling the game is pretty difficult at times, at least in the browser version. I've download the executable version as well and plan to give it a try sometime soon, so maybe it will have less issues then, but with the browser version at least a bunch of the mouse-based commands are really hit and miss as to whether or not they will work. I died when trying to place the bomb at the door in the trial because I couldn't drop the thing because the right-click menu refused to cooperate in time.

Is there anywhere specific I can follow you where you talk more about this project? I've been looking forward to it since the first announcement and demos, but haven't really heard much about it in probably 2 years or so, so I'm just wondering if there is anywhere online that you are more active where I can check out it's progress. Thank you for all your hard work! You really do put out some of the best stuff the DOOM community has ever seen.

You should really specify in the questions if you are referring to the Robot's left or right or the player's left or right. Right now all of those questions could be interpreted either way as there is no clarification.

Neat idea, but the game seems a bit broken in a number of ways.

Check other uploads on their YouTube channel. Almost every game they put up is recorded with a terrible framerate. I think they just have a fairly outdated system.

not bad, but not for me.

doesn't really fit the LSD theme beyond having abstract visuals. too much dialog and not enough game. more of a visual novel than anything.

Would be MUCH more enjoyable if there was a button we could press to instantly retry without having to sit through the "ooh, ahh, i'm going in", the "come on out with your hands on your head" and needing to grab the "re-rob" through the bars every single time you fail. I quit out of irritation from needing to wait through that rather than irritation with the actual gameplay.

Fun game. My biggest suggestion would be to add a keybind that allows the player to instantly reset them to their most recent checkpoint, probably mapped to R.

This is nothing like Iron Lung except in the most superficial way of there being a submarine, water and some monster.

I didn't really like this. All you do in it is 3 variations of what is essentially the exact same task. Hit wall, hit wall+ and flash wall. Really don't get why this is popular.

WASD didn't work for me. Not sure what the issue was. All that worked was the mouse.

How do I move? Arrow keys not working, WASD not working.

This was totally worth the $2.

Still waiting for more Lunacid tho.

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I commend you for a first attempt and trying to learn, but as far as IWBTG fangames go, this really doesn't make the cut. There is an extremely large IWBTG fangame community with thousands upon thousands of releases and about a dozen or so engines which have been made for developing those games over the years which this obvious does not use. If you really are interested in making these sorts of games and want to use your own engine I would recommend looking into the core engines that other people use and looking at the source for those to see how they work. I would also recommend against touting a game's "difficulty" in the description, because while you or your friends might find this difficult it really doesn't even come close actual difficulty,  especially when talking about IWBTG fangames. Also, please understand that bad physics and coding does not equal difficulty, it equals bad physics and coding.

P.S. - It's basically sacrilegious to neglect keyboard controls for IWBTG fangames and suggest to play using gamepad. There are a few  players who use gamepad, but keyboard is the traditional and technically more proficient way to play.

What kind of person keeps blank tapes locked up in their bedroom dresser instead of next to the TV/VCR? Overall good, but that aspect was really extra dumb.

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Screenshots make this look like very simple, very easy needle. I might give it a go, but I really hope it isn't all super entry-level needle like this.

Fun. Only complaint is I wish it was longer and there were more difficult levels. The only one that gave me even a little trouble was the last one.

There was no inventory slot. I'm sorry, but I don't think you're understanding what I'm trying to say. There was NO way to use the key i.e. a bug of some sort.

Is the demo no longer available?

I'm well versed with old school point and click adventure games. The problem is as far as I can tell there was absolutely no way for me to "select the key" after obtaining it.

Seems busted or maybe the controls aren't explained enough. I have a key yet cannot open the bathroom or safe. I assume it must be the key to one of those two, but alas I can do nothing.

Had a lot of fun with this one compared to the other "Monmouth" release. I was a bit worried at first that the whole game was going to involve the wind gimmick, not because I disliked the area, but because having to constantly hold keys down for long periods really starts to put the hurt on the old fingees and wrist after a while. Even so, the pathing was good, the needle was fun (especially after going <<D O W N>>) and the final boss had a good rhythm to it without being too much of a challenge. Finished with 480 deaths. I'll keep an eye out for your other releases in this series.

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Oof. The idea is interesting, but that first screen with the extremely low "frame rate" is just not a gimmick I'm interested in suffering through. I really enjoyed Immaculate Scumble, Panasonic Bluray and Needle Hatena, but this one isn't for me.

Literally if Aquaman 64.

Maybe it's just me, but the loud-screeching-sound-while-being-chased trope isn't scary, just extremely annoying. Not the first time it's made me lose all interest in a game and I really don't get why developers continue to employ it.

Mouse sensitivity is WAY too high to play this.

Cool game that desperately needs some space optimizations. A sub-10 minute 2D physics platformer really shouldn't come in anywhere near 762MB.

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Wowzers, you are seething an unreasonable amount just because someone made a reasonable observation. It doesn't matter how aggressively you want to respond to them or me for that matter, you cannot reasonably expect people to want to play a game for which they have no visual reference of. Screenshots are a necessity if you actually want people to play your games, which I can assume that you do seeing as you publicly uploaded it here with the explicit understanding and intention for it to be being played by others.

Even *if* this is for archival purposes and this is an old game it still doesn't warrant your exaggerated and arrogant reply. It is possible to explain the situation without flying off the handle about it, especially considering the original commenter was not in the least bit rude and had a valid point.