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The art style and music in this are fantastic. They remind me of platformers in the good ole days. The concept is solid and works pretty well/leads to some pretty neat puzzles. I think the main issue is that the game is a little difficult, which mainly comes from how floaty the controls feel. Also, it would be nice to have a button to make plover switch directions. There were a couple times where he was flying the wrong way for what I needed him to do, and I had to go back to find a wall to let him run into. I think it would simplify the process if you just let us reverse his orbit with the press of a button.

Hi, thanks so much for playing and offering your critique! It's funny, I went through so many iterations of how the plover would switch directions. I originally just had it switch directions based on the direction you're facing and go through tiles, but I kept having issues with the player getting stuck in the ground. I can't believe I didn't think of something as simple as a button press! But that's why it's so useful to have people play it. :) Thanks again!