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OK. So here's a rough idea of what the 10th S-Link might look like.


I'm not entirely sold on it yet, as we haven't really discussed how things ought to be wrapped up. So, for the time being, lets call this a work in progress and go over what's good, what's bad, and what's missing.

If it's really called for, I can swing  a party scene, but I was really saving that for the alternate, good, ending.  Anyway, thoughts are helpful at this point, because, well, we are putting a cap on the storyline, so we want it to end on a good or bittersweet note.

I like it, it's real bittersweet without being too brutal. 

Thinking this end had just the right about of feels, well balanced you keep surprising. Very happy how this turned out, and a great way for the player to be put in a dilemma to change her for the broken dream. 

Would say if you were to add anything more, instead of the party scene, it could be the player about to pick her up at her house, but hears her sobbing to herself that she wished she was less strict with herself and be more fun etc.

Of course where it just ended now is also more than enough. Good work.