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First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my native language) So, I really like your game) The art is unique and very nice.

Now some spoilers. The story... To be honest my first route was with Zel and I really don't like this guy just because crybaby is not my type. Don't be offended please, it's just me) Snow has really nice endings, both of them. Mer's was the last route for me and I was a bit dissapointed at first, cause I has his 'good' ending and was like: 'Seriously? You will just forgive him? That guy is not even trying too hard to make everything okay!' But then I get Mer's second ending. And YOU MADE MY DAY. Usually I don't like something like that in games but here it was unexpected and just hilarious! Maybe that ending is the main reason I liked your game so much) Thank you for creating it ;)

P. S. I am waiting for the full version) It would be very nice to see Nicholl path in it, I like that guy)

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(Just a note to start off with: This is the writer of Lads in Distress / Catfish Crew. I'm just using this account for our new VN studio to answer comments because I have added this account as a contributor to LiD project, and it's easier to monitor all our games under both CC and EG from this account alone.)

Thank you for playing the old NaNoRenO version! Happy to hear you liked Snow and Mer's second ending. :D

We now have a new demo for the full version released! There are 2-3 scenes for Nicholl's route in the demo, so hope you'll like him if you end up trying the demo!

Again, thank you for playing the old NaNoRenO version :)