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I can not express how much I loved your game. It is beautiful, reminds me of mystical fairytales I read looong time ago. I loved the mc and Holot - they are so interesting and complex. Despite demo being not long, the world feels alive and unique and the music is so fitting to it. I am very much waiting to see more of this wonderful game!)

P.S. Option of hugging Holot in the end was bugged for me - the choices did not disappear from the screen after clicking despite new text appearing and it was not possible to proceed further.

Played it today and really loved it, it is so beautiful))) The atmosphere is unique and plot is so captivating)

Well, also I am hoping there will be a walkthrough, I am a bit lost)

I loved reading this so much! Spend entire evening on your game because I just needed to know what happens afterwards) Sooo waiting for the next chapters)))

I loved your game sooo much! It is amazing, I am eagerly waiting for more)

  • What's your favorite character?

The MC, but really, all of the characters are amazing.

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

Yes I tried different options and liked how it influences the story.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I like it, it is beautiful and atmospheric.

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

The cg is very beautiful, but I also like black and white version. I will not mind either way I guess)

Hi, just wanted to say how much I love your games))) I accidentally stumbled upon Cardinal Cross on Steam, it was amazing and I looked up what else did you create, and well, you are my favorite author now💗 I even can not pick my favorite game from you, because all of them are perfect ;) But well, I especially love rpg gameplay of Ascension, I will probably explore all pixels of the map in the complete game. So thank you very much, you are amazing!)

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I liked demo a lot))) It is short but I am already in love with the game. Will be waiting for a full release, I am sure it will be amazing!

And jumping into starship from a cliff was cool. Really cool :DDD

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I love your game! The world is captivationg, all the characters are amazing, I especially loved that side characters have sprites (and besides sprites so much personality and amazing writing). Thank you very much for creating this!)))

The demo is amazing! I loved this story a lot. It is dark but unique and beautiful, writing is amazing and I love all the characters. I am very excited for the full version)))

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I loved the demo! The world sounds very interesting, writing is amazing. The only part I am worried about is that it could be difficult for development team to allow player so many personalisation choices in the full game as we currently see in the prologue, and I personally will be fine with less such choices in future. I believe this project is amazing, I will be waiting for the new demo and the full game)))

This game is very beautiful and unusual, I am very happy there will be a full release soon)))

The demo is amazing and I'm happily looking for the full game))) Loved all of yours other games too!

Hey, I liked your demo a lot) When there will be a full game?

Thank you a lot for this game! I enjoyed it a lot)))

The world you created is very interesting and the plot is also amazing! And also I just love Wildfire) I'm waiting for your next game, good luck and inspiration be with you!

Thank you so very much for creating this game. Tha art is totally amaing and the story is interesting) There are so much good comments here, so I will not say anything new about how good this game are. But I really want to thank you for making this game free. In my country there is oten issues with online abroad payments so I'm  usually stuck with non-comercial games. And I could not believe that your game is sooo good AND free. Really, thank you so very much for it!) You are amazing!

P. S. But I feel so sorry for Varg :'(

My English is not very good so I'm sorry about mistakes in my comment)

I registered here today just to be able to say to you how much I love this game. I consider it the best otome game I have ever played (and I played like A LOT). Of course the art here is not as polished as in most commercial games but it is not a problem here cause the story is captivating, amazing, alive... (don't know how to expres that). Each character is great. And so many choices here))) I really haven't seen a game like yours. Thank you a lot for creating it, I am waiting for your future projects)

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First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my native language) So, I really like your game) The art is unique and very nice.

Now some spoilers. The story... To be honest my first route was with Zel and I really don't like this guy just because crybaby is not my type. Don't be offended please, it's just me) Snow has really nice endings, both of them. Mer's was the last route for me and I was a bit dissapointed at first, cause I has his 'good' ending and was like: 'Seriously? You will just forgive him? That guy is not even trying too hard to make everything okay!' But then I get Mer's second ending. And YOU MADE MY DAY. Usually I don't like something like that in games but here it was unexpected and just hilarious! Maybe that ending is the main reason I liked your game so much) Thank you for creating it ;)

P. S. I am waiting for the full version) It would be very nice to see Nicholl path in it, I like that guy)