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I'd say I'm on board with 3 as well, and leaning 4, just because I'm a sucker for gradual and continued incremental changes and dress-up possibilities. Two years ago, it was exciting just to read about the prospect of Twilight's stats changing and the possibility of sprites adjusting over time, so if you put incremental changes out in front of me, of course I'm going to say we should go ahead with it.

As before, I don't mind the extra work involved in writing for additional scenes. I'd have been on board with Twilight's dialect changing in accordance with her stats going up/down, but I figured that might be too many micro-adjustments even for me. This is a welcome challenge.

>Too many micro adjustment.

Yes gotta agree on that point. But alright gonna make one with normal hair style and pigtails.

Curious though. Will it now be her S-links that keep bimbofying her to a new level, or do  you still need to go in the violet room to do so. 

I believe it's still the Velvet Room, as far as physical changes go. She'll probably adopt more language mannerisms through progressing the S-Links, if that's a route to explore.