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AMAZING CONCEPT not so amazing execution. My tips would be to 1. Increase rocket size or when they are stopped make them triple in size with a timeline, 2. Give some sort of explanation to mechanics in the description at least. 3. Don't make rocket jumps hurt the player. In all honesty I couldn't beat it but I would love to play an updated version of this my discord is Rav10#0860 dm me if you ever update this.


Yeah, the rockets are definitely too small to serve as platforms, but I didn't have enough time to change them up. I didn't want to over-tutorialize to the player. The controls are in the menu and I put the rockets right in front of the start area as a visual tutorial. I wanted to show rather than tell. As for rocket jumps not hurting the player, if there's no penalty for doing a traditional rocket jump, then there's no reason for them to use the rockets as platforms. Obviously, I need to play around a little bit with the balancing, but I think removing damage from the rocket jump would completely undermine the core concept I was going for.

I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed the concept. Thanks for playing!