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Hi, I've been recording some footage of the game :D and just wanted to share some feedback with you :) hopefully it's useful to you.

-The main idea and the visuals are very good and work great :)

-I really loved the 2nd preset for the weather, I don't know if this idea could be hard to implement, but having an small menu to control the weather with some bars to regulate rain/hour/wind/etc. could be awesome in order to make custom presets.

-I've seen you are making the game bigger, when you reach a length that you consider enough you could add some water around the map making the limits of it make sense.

-Adding some relaxing background music could work very well.

-Adding some structures that look abandoned could make exploration quite awesome.

For it's current state the game feels awesome :) and it is quite polished :D.


Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to play and share your thoughts. I was thinking the same things, I definitely want to expand on the weather, add water, structures and little challenges for exploring. Hopefully soon!


Good to hear :D good luck with the development :)