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Oh the librarians' translation area seems to be above the books. That's actually more of a bug than an easter-egg. If you click on a librarian that text field will show something that the librarian has translated from the books using a variation of a grammar proposed by brddte in a thread in the forum. Every 20 seconds they pick a random section from one of the books in the room they're in and 'translate' it. If they haven't translated anything yet, they'll just say "It's all just gibberish!". If you wait in the same room for about 20 seconds you'll start to see the translations.

As far as the easter-egg is concerned: It's definitely big enough for you to be certain that you've found it in case you ever happen to see it.  
I'm just going to give you one hint: If you ever see the lighting change, follow it!

Also, thanks for the donation, I really appreciate it!

is the water egg the place where you can get under the map and the is a different flooring