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Gameplay was good, not all too special though. The menus were a bit "dry" maybe add pictures of the spaceships/engines/weapons. The weapon name "Yellow Blaster" is easy to understand, but could be pepped up a bit with a cooler name. I like the menu music, but I find the in-game rock music unfitting. Hope this helps!

Maybe if you have the time you could critique my project "Catacomb Chess".

Thanks for the feedback! I'll give it a try later


Just finished trying it out.  I really like the concept! I did find it a bit weird that the enemies don't seem to move exactly on the tiles like the player does though. Sometimes it wasn't clear whether or not moving to a tile was actually going to kill an enemy that was partially on the tile. I also feel like being able to move all of your pieces in 1 turn, and the fact that the enemy can move in any direction, takes away some of the strategy. Chess is a great game, and I think making some smaller variations of it could be really interesting. Chess with some new pieces, and some boards that are smaller, larger, or a different shape, set in a fantasy setting would be a ton of fun!