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The controls were difficult. If you want to jump over a wall you are standing next to, you have to jump away and then jump back which does not make me feel like a ninja at all. As a dash-slashing ninja, I assume everything I touch while dashing will be immediately cadaver-ized. This did not seem to be the case as I occasionally took damage when flying into enemies. I just did not really understand what determined whether diving into an opponent would hurt me or them.

The aesthetics were good, but the music really just didn't fit the environment, enemies, or ninja. Sound effects were quite fitting though.

The game would have been fun if I just got to fly around the level, dicing up anything in my way and flipping about as ninja do, but the time limit prevents this, two consecutive missed jumps and my character explodes out of pure shame. Removing the time limit would also have made the controls much more tolerable because a messed up jump would not have meant a reset quite as often as it does now.

It would be nice if tapping the jump button did more of a jump. The current hop can't even clear a crate and is mostly useless.

This is definitely an interesting idea, but I think it would have benefited from more play testing.

Thanks for the feedback. I believe we fell into the trap of just getting used to the controls and not being objective enough while making the game. What I can say is we had a lot of fun and although our first jam may not have produced the most polished anything we can't wait to have another go.