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Wow, cool idea to have movement tied to recharging! A lot of really nice concepts here - being able to reflect bullets back, stun enemies by jumping on them, gaining energy, and having that energy tied to your health; as far as game design goes, this game is very well thought out.

There are some technical issues though; I wasn't expecting enemies to be able to shoot me through the floor, and the interlocking systems take some getting used to which meant I was repeating the first level a fair few times.  I think these mechanics could work well together, but that the player needs more feedback for when they attack, when they get hit, for when they're low on energy, but given the sheer amount of ideas put into this game, it is likely  that these weren't included due to a lack of time. 

I'd be interested to see this concept develop further, but what there is now as an interesting little game. :)