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I hedged my bets with choosing a RO for too long, and ended up with, Xander.  I did not expect him be as he'd turned out.  All his reactions to the MC were so unexpected.   I hadn't even saved for a while because I was so 'in to' the game I'd forgotten to, and then decided to play like a 'boss!'  Cries lol

Fantastic game.  Lots of depth; plenty of replay value, and, I'm sure, the other ROs were awesome too.   I'll get back to them one day.  

Looking forward to all the other games that you have  to develop!  Cheers.

Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed my game :)

I'm starting to work on another game, but it may take a while - having a full-time job and family/social life I don't really have a lot of free time to intensively work on it ... :(   

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I'd thought my original post above, was too long and had edited it before posting.  Unfortunately, I didn't realise the bit that made more sense got chopped out.   I'd written that I loved all the guys, but, Xander, was fantastic to the point that I can't bring myself to romance the others.  Absolutely loved it!

Developing a game is a huge commitment in time, I don't know how you do it.  Selfishly though, I love that you are starting  work on a new one.  I can't wait.  :D