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The only way I could go for Oliver, initially, was to make Ezra female.  Now, the only way I can not, romance Oliver, is to go nowhere near him!  Gage is cool too, but I keep chanting, he tried to kill you, hetriedtokillyou.

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That's okay, and thank you for the consideration.  The tap in our bathroom, the hot one no less, sprung a leak, which we had to get it fixed, pronto.  I was getting twitchy at the thought of having to spend my alloted playing time with plumbers and not the game.  The games delay kind of worked out for me.  lol  

Anyway, take your time, and don't stress.

'Superb!'  And elves.  I'm not a fan of elves.    I don't mind that they're longer lived, and super this and that.  Just the 'do no wrong' thing annoys me.  Your elves are fabulous.  They have dirty laundry and a multitude of other problems.  I love them!

The 30th of this month is my birthday.  My husband and I established a 'spend the day how you want to' in lieu of gifts,'  when we bought our house and couldn't afford much else.  We've kept the tradition, so I'll be playing this on the 31st, (the 1st of feb for us downunder), until my sleep deprived self can't stay awake any longer.  

And thank you, Underbliss, for writing and developing this game.  

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I'd thought my original post above, was too long and had edited it before posting.  Unfortunately, I didn't realise the bit that made more sense got chopped out.   I'd written that I loved all the guys, but, Xander, was fantastic to the point that I can't bring myself to romance the others.  Absolutely loved it!

Developing a game is a huge commitment in time, I don't know how you do it.  Selfishly though, I love that you are starting  work on a new one.  I can't wait.  :D

I hedged my bets with choosing a RO for too long, and ended up with, Xander.  I did not expect him be as he'd turned out.  All his reactions to the MC were so unexpected.   I hadn't even saved for a while because I was so 'in to' the game I'd forgotten to, and then decided to play like a 'boss!'  Cries lol

Fantastic game.  Lots of depth; plenty of replay value, and, I'm sure, the other ROs were awesome too.   I'll get back to them one day.  

Looking forward to all the other games that you have  to develop!  Cheers.

Loved it! I got two of the endings. The tears one, and the one where he's there 'after.' :D I don't think I'll try for the third, I'll just stick to the "after" one.

...eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... downloading!

Sold! :D

A great story. I loved Ran, I almost don't want to play the other stories yet to be released. The characters and world building had great depth, so my resistance will likely be futile. :P The other reviewers have said it all. I look forward to playing the rest of the games.

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I came to find games that'll fill the spaces while I wait for my real games to be released. lol I fell in love with this. I've played many hardcore games and honestly, I never expected to find a character that I could play to behave as royalty is stereotypically supposed to, that could also believably be born to rule. She isn't stupid, nor is she confusingly low class in manner or speech. Her responses are to die for. I cannot wait for the full release.

I've also almost bought every game that's on Choice of Games; plus a couple on here, since I've played this. There are some wonderful ones out there, although this is just a demo, I'd rate it as one of the best ones I've played.

Looking forward to more of your games. Take care!