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Wow! This was fabulous. The humour, the story, all of it. I was going to avoid actually playing this because I didn't want to wait for another great game to be released, but realised that I'd be waiting anyway. I'm not going to ask the usual, I'll just keep tabs. Cheers.

Loved it! I got two of the endings. The tears one, and the one where he's there 'after.' :D I don't think I'll try for the third, I'll just stick to the "after" one.

...eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... downloading!

Sold! :D

A great story. I loved Ran, I almost don't want to play the other stories yet to be released. The characters and world building had great depth, so my resistance will likely be futile. :P The other reviewers have said it all. I look forward to playing the rest of the games.

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I came to find games that'll fill the spaces while I wait for my real games to be released. lol I fell in love with this. I've played many hardcore games and honestly, I never expected to find a character that I could play to behave as royalty is stereotypically supposed to, that could also believably be born to rule. She isn't stupid, nor is she confusingly low class in manner or speech. Her responses are to die for. I cannot wait for the full release.

I've also almost bought every game that's on Choice of Games; plus a couple on here, since I've played this. There are some wonderful ones out there, although this is just a demo, I'd rate it as one of the best ones I've played.

Looking forward to more of your games. Take care!