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I saw this game during Mark Brown's playtest stream and I had to look it up and play it.

I find this a genius concept for a puzzle game, and I am impressed with the quality of the level design it has for a game jam game.

As for some constructive feedback,  when playing I felt the controls felt a bit awkward, the character would move and jump too much, and I often felt like the slightest movement could result in me accidentally falling off, this mixed with the lack of a crosshair to know where I was shooting, and the permadeath, made the experience for me being more about not falling off accidentally, than about creating a path for myself by shooting cubes.

Hey, thank you for your feedback !

I agree that some basic stuff is missing. For the controls, I used Unity's default first person controller and didnt even tweak it a bit. Could definitely be improved.

Same with the lack of respawn (permadeath), there should be like 3 checkpoints on this test level.

Glad you liked the concept and level design :)