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This has been such a wonderful experience. I noticed that after I loaded the game for my second play session, it seems like the remnants of the firefly animation is stuck on the screen no matter what background. I tried to catch a gif, if you look closely you should see the movements. It's not terrible, but it is a bit distracting. I figure it must be some sort of code issue so wanted to let you know. 


Thank you ^^


I always thought that was intentional, like little pieces of dust floating around to make things feel more alive.


From what I can tell it wasn't there until after a scene with the fireflies and moves in the same patterns so I figured there was a code issue.  I think dust would float down rather than moving quickly and erratically. But I could  be wrong. One of my games (also made in Ren'Py ) uses something similar for insects and snow so I may be overthinking it.

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Nah, you're probably right. Tbh that was actually my first thought too, but I decided not to mention it since it didn't bother me.