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Hello, i am a teacher. I see your vn engine and i am interested on it. I want to make some quiz style vn for my student. 

i using the html part to include the quiz. The quiz is using javascript (i found the source online ) and when i run, it didnt show the html page properly. 

So, i change the html quiz with only html and css (also found it online). It doing well, it shown when i run it. But the html is keep running, and i cant figure it out on how to add or show button to continue to next scene.



Hello! Quiz you can do on tuesday js

To add a button with a choice of answers, you need to select a dialog, click on the pencil icon and select "Scen edit".

There, on the right side, there will be an item "Buttons & Сhoice" where you can create selection buttons.

I recommend reading tutorial

Thank you.


Thank you for your respons. I've already read the tutorial.

About quiz that i have in my mind is like:

#There will be questions you should answer, and then the answer will be compared with the correct one. If it correct you got some points. If you collect enough points you can go to next scene


# there are questions, with clickable multiple choices, right choices will add points.


The first option can be done. There is no option with multiple options.

You will also need to use the functionality of the variable.

I can give you an example and send it to the mail with an explanation

Write me to Email