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I love:
- Using the keyboard as the field of play coupled with a character driven by your typing is original
- The global ambiance is nice, graphics and music fit well with the absurd humor of the game

I would have love if:
- The game detected the physical layout of the keyboard used and be localized for popular layout. I played on an AZERTY in QWERTY mode and it was a bit weird, and AZERTY is not that much different so I'm wondering what the experience is for speakers of not Western-European languages. (QWERTY / AZERTY)
- The escape key didn't quit the game instantly. A simple pause menu would be a great addition, I killed the game by pressing escape at the 3rd level when I was looking for a pause function.

I enjoyed the time I spent on your game, I hope to see more of it :-)

Thanks! We're quite happy with the way it looks and sounds! 

Keyboard detection is a bit more difficult; we'd have to hand edit each level for each keyboard layout, because there aren't maps for key positions. Maybe if I think of a smart way to scan keyboard images... 

On the other hand, the escape key thing is a good shout! it was a last minute addition so it's definitely on the list of things to change.