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hammer fired at the start and my spinners don't do power shots! really sad because my ghost raptor recreate was my most powerful robot so now i have to remove the copy it, and delete the bar and make it a lifter. :( but faster loading time finally!  just noticed that their is no count out! do you think you can get the ais to work correctly

No worries!  There are a few AI scripts on the Discord server that should work for your hammer and flipper.  Have you been able to join the Discord?

We have Joe Strout on the dev team now.  Here’s the inventor of the miniscript programming language we are issuing for AI.  With his help we should be able to rework the AI to make it performant and fast to program.

Make the spinners powerful again


Spinner power is a function of component choices: battery configuration, ESC voltage and current, motor selection, gearing, and weapon design.  There is a lot to learn and to experiment with in the new builds.  Have you checked out the community builds on Discord?  There are a lot of builders there with great designs to crib from.

I'm using a powerful battery with 160 ESC with the most powerful ampflow and it doesn nothing

That 160 amp ESC is limited to 36 volts, so your aren’t going to be able to hit extremely hard with the AmpFlow.  The hardest-hitting spinners are typically powered by an ME0708 with a solenoid instead of an ESC.  Either that or a brushless motor with the bleeding edge Trampa VESC geared down.

Ok. So brushless is viable now? Cool!