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Ok. So brushless is viable now? Cool!

I'm using a powerful battery with 160 ESC with the most powerful ampflow and it doesn nothing

I'm positive you guys are sick and tired of me, but I have a question. Can you PLEASE put the rumble box arena in the games for mac? I and many others would DIE for that arena. It's just like the battlebots arena and it would make the experience just that much better!

Make the spinners powerful again

Can you guys put the weapon power the same ad the last build? I love the new fix with horizontal spinners, you guys did a fantastic job. But now there are no big hits or collisions. Nothing goes flying and there are little action to the fights. Before it was perfect, please consider putting it back to how it was before.

When will the next update come out I'm super excited

Also, I apologize for how rude I was earlier. I shouldn't have said such things.

I have a good idea, unless its too much work. If it can't I understand. Why not make a setting which can choose what type you want it to be? You guys have my a great game (Probably my favorite game) and I hope it does well. Also why did you remove the battlebots esc arena, it was the best arena you guys have made. Unless it was copyright stricken, if not please add it back in the next update.

its the electroinic things, thanks for showing me where to go i just think there was no point in changing it. Unless to make it more realistic? Also, I have a couple ideas for the next update, maybe add new sounds? like ones from battlebots or add a croud cheering? Maybe increase the amount of sparks when a bit hit happens, these would be good if you are going for a more relistic game.

i love this but how stupid do you have to be to change the controls, wtf was wrong with them before????? If it ain't broke dot fix it! This is a great game ruined by a pointless feature

Please if you could, please make a horizontal spinner similar to carbide or tombstone, and make a new full body spinner that is actually good.

I keep getting this glitch that makes my robot not work and i cant access anything, please fix this i have made 3 bots that took my over an hour and have just disappeared.