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mehrdadsh, will you game being available on windows-browser or just on mobiles / as download? I would be open for testing in case it's playable on my browser, also feedback & suggestions, possibly typos or in case you'd hire some users for possible translations, btw: I'm offering them for free only.

u need to dm them in order to get in touch him/her

At least when replying to the posting user's thread, I guess that he/she would get notified too (btw: never noticed a feature for pm'ing a user here, just following/subscribing to their profile or bookmarking specific text-threads only?)

specific, nope not there

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hello, thank you, it is an android game [free]

no need for translators, but thanks

Sounds cool while I don't use mobile-devices, so playing android-games couldn't be tested, I guess. But I could offer connecting with me on discord and you could play it and I could submit my suggestions / noticed typo or bugs or also ask for getting to alternate paths in-game (if it's e.g. an RPG-game with different options for choosing), etc.

you can play android games in a PC with Blue stack software, its free